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Till starsidan


Till starsidan

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Vägarbeten 23-27 september
Vecka 39 fortsätter vi att asfaltera och vi börjar även hyvla enskilda grusvägar.

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Welcome to Forshaga, a part of Karlstad region and Värmland!


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Bear in mind that these services translate text automatically. Please do not expect a flawless translation. We can not guarantee the quality of the translation.

National minority language

If you belong to one of the national minority groups, you have the right to use your own language when contacting Forshaga municipal. This applies to the minority languages Finnish, Sami, Meänkieli, Romani and Yiddish.

You can find out more about your language rights and what you have a right to expect from Forshaga municipal (links to the right). 

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