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Moving to Forshaga

A warm welcome to Forshaga Municipality in Värmland, with close range to Karlstad. Here you will find natural serenity just around the corner. We want words like security, consideration, happiness and joy to come to mind when we share our part of Värmland.

In Forshaga, we always put children in focus. Our research shows that our municipality is attractive to families who have children or who are planning to start a family.

We have a great location, close to both Karlstad and the countryside. Karlstad has about 95,000 inhabitants and has great connections to Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo and Frankfurt. The city of Karlstad, twenty minutes from Forshaga, also has great bus connections, a modern university and a hospital and we cooperate well with them in business.

In our municipality, which has 11,500 inhabitants, we live in places like Deje, Forshaga and Olsäter and we offer many types of accommodations, from town houses, to villas, to apartments. Perhaps you want to live in a rural area and have the forest and lake just outside? Or in a house of your own design where your children can play with their friends in the neighbourhood? Or in a central apartment right by the supermarket and bus stop? You will find those kinds of opportunities here.


Growing up in a small place and having a school where everyone knows each other creates community. We want to offer you good schools that provide learning, play and security.


We have lots of culture and leisure, especially for children and young people. Two libraries, a cultural centre, a meeting place for young people, a meeting place for parents with babies, an indoor swimming pool, events and camps are some examples. Thanks to the wealth of clubs and societies here, there are many great activities for families. We are a small place with a big heart. And small size is our advantage. It gives you shorter queues, lower costs and, we believe, bigger opportunities to make new friends.


Sweden´s longest river, Klarälven, runs through our municipality like a blue ribbon that gives us exciting stories of log driving and salmon fishing from the past. We also have Klarälvsbanan, a 90-km long activity trail.


Many of our citizens are employed in Karlstad. The largest private employer in Forshaga is Stora Enso, which has about 100 employees. The largest employer is Forshaga Municipality, which has about 950 employees.


E-mail: kommun@forshaga.se
Phone: +46 54 17 20 00

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