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Tourist information (InfoPoint)

The tourist information will help you if you need any information about your stay in the municipality of Forshaga. You can turn to our Infopoint if you want to know what's happening in Forshaga, what you can do, where you can stay or where you can eat.

Location and contact

The Infopoint is open in summertime and is located in the same building as the library, Forshaga Lärcenter, close to the car-free biking track Klarälvsbanan.

Forshaga InfoPoint (tourist information)

Open june until august
Malmgatan 2 A, Lärcenter
Box 93 667 22 Forshaga
Phone: +46 (0)54 17 20 75
E-mail: tourism@forshaga.se

Forshaga a part of Värmland

For tourist information for Forshaga and Värmland, please visit visitvarmland.com External link, opens in new window.

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