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Trade and industry

Forshaga municipality wants to be an attractive place to live and work. To reach that goal, we are building a healthy business climate to boost growth in the Karlstad region.

The municipality has more than 650 small and medium-sized companies across a broad spectrum of industries. A number of them are active in dental technology and in the care and rehabilitation of youths.

Forshaga municipality is the largest employer with about 950 employees. The largest private company in Forshaga is Stora Enso which has about 100 employees. Stora Enso is active in the paper industry and a member of the regional company cluster Paper Province.

A part of the Karlstad region

The starting point of any development work is cooperation and communication. Therefor Forshaga is a part of Karlstad Business Region, KBR. The municipalities in the region Forshaga, Grums, Hammarö, Karlstad and Kil work together to increase business start-ups, communications and marketing.

Our location Karlstad region

We are situated in the province of Värmland, easily accessible in the heart of Scandinavia. We are as close to Oslo as to Gothenburg and Stockholm, 250-300 km away. We have good communications and close to Karlstad railway station and the airport.

There are a large number of daily train departures to Gothenburg and Stockholm, and by plane you and your business partners can travel to Stockholm and Frankfurt for onward journeys around the world. Our location thereby makes it easier for your company to operate in local, regional and global markets.

Want to start something new?

We are well prepared for new start-ups. In Forshaga we have two buildings designed for commercial operations, the business park Activum and office space in Knipan. This gives the owners of small businesses, who often work alone, the opportunity to cooperate, hatch new ideas and exchange information with their neighbours. We also have functional and easily accessible industrial areas in the region.


Do you want to find out more?
Contact our business sector manager via phone +4654172130 or use the e-mail Linda-Marie Fors

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